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 In 2005, I bought my first Black Mouth Cur and in 2007, started Givens Blackmouth Cur. I started off with Howard/Ladner lined Black Mouth Curs, then out crossed with a Carnathan lined Black Mouth Cur. Some of my Black Mouth Curs have more percentage of one lineage then another. This is the reason for the two types of confirmations that I have. I chose to cross these lineages for a better temperament, stronger multi purpose hunting and working dog. Our pups have proven to be an excellent family pet, great farm dog outstanding blood trail dogs as well as a working, and hunting dog
Most of my Black Mouth Curs dogs and pups, are and will be reddish-yellow with a black muzzle or black mask. Sometimes we get a few reds and light yellows, in certain breedings. Depending on bred pair, some range from 75-90 pounds and 26"-27" tall. Others 55-65 pounds and 24"-25" tall. Confirmation of head, snout (short-medium), and broadness of chest will vary.

A Little bit about the Black Mouth Cur breed
The Black Mouth Cur is territorial of their belongings, property, home and owner. Not all Black Mouth Curs, are going to be social with people outside your family. I've found that introducing them to many people and other dogs at an early age into adult years, will increase your chances of your BMC being more social. How well your puppy turns out, for what you are wanting it to be, will entirely depend on the training and socializing a puppy gets from you or a personal trainer. The more time you spend with your puppy, the better it will be and will become a better dog. Training and socializing will always need to be a big part of your puppy's life, even into it's adult years. This breed isn’t for everyone, so be sure to do your research and ask questions before making a final decision.

A Little About My Black Mouth Curs