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Our Black Mouth Curs, are a big part of our lives, they are family. We don't hunt our Black Mouth Curs. They have all been outstanding farm dogs, and family pets. We couldn't imagine our lives without this wonderful breed. They have brought so much to our family. Tons of good times, plenty of laughs and defiantly right by our sides at all times. Our Black Mouth Curs, watch over and protect our family and home. Whatever critter comes onto the place, is well taken care of. We mostly sell our pups as a family pet that will also be a farm dog, and blood trail dog. Many of the pups have proven to be versatile in many areas, other then what they were bought for. Such as, working cows, hunting and treeing small or large game and predators. We don't have puppies often, maybe 1-2 a year. Our pups are not sold to just anyone. We take time with each person we speak to, seeing if they are a match for one of our pups and this breed. 
Harley (stud)
 80s lbs range
27" height
Doc (stud)
 80s lbs range
25" height
Ms. Creek
25" height
Ms. Taylor's Oakley
26" height